Having now described the overarching philosophy and goals driving Super.NET, we now turn our attention to its overall vision and how it intends on fulfilling its objectives.

Primary Components

A list of the big components that will be required to build the vision here.


As discussed in principle and objectives, many data formats will be used within this framework. Therefore, the serializer must be able to account for these formats and more. We will be building upon the work done on ExtendedXmlSerializer to facilitate and actualize this goal.

WebSocket Bridge

The WebSocket bridge is what enables this vision to work. HTML is sent over to the client, and then a WebSocket is then used to provide any further updates to the state as presented on the client to the server to keep them synchronized.

Control Suite

This is a big effort, and one that I envision being a community effort after the foundation has been placed and we have a better idea of the overall structure of the project and necessary classes. The goal here being all the necessary controls required to build a “typical” web page. This, of course, is an encompassing definition and will need to be outlined accordingly.

Visual Designer

This is another considerable effort and again one that I envision being more of a community effort. In the vision here, we want to strive for the .NET equivalent to Webflow, which I consider to be a superb HTML editor that provides an exemplary user experience. The goal, of course, is to provide the same excellence but for the .NET elements that are used here in Super.NET.


As development continues, feel free to check in with the Super.NET Blog, Dawg to get the latest news and musings occurring with the adventure.