Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super.NET?

Super.NET enables ubiquitous applications written in .NET.

What is a Ubiquitous .NET Application?

A ubiquitous application is one that can run anywhere on any device. Super.NET aims to enable this for .NET applications comprised of a single codebase that creates applications that runs within the web browser.

Like Silverlight Did?


Will You Ever Stop Whining About That?

Are you… whining about my whining?

That’s Very Meta of You.

That wasn’t a question.

I’m… Sorry?

Apology accepted.

World Peace, Brogrammer. What If I Have More Questions?

This document will be updated as common questions arise, which, to be quite honest shouldn’t happen until the first version is done. I am trying to keep this low-key as possible in hopes to maximize its chance of success. More visibility means more expectations which is bad, mkay? In fact, I really shouldn’t have this site up already and am a bit uncomfortable with it, but that is where the magic happens, right?

You can also find me on our Super.NET Blog, Dawg. I will (hopefully) be posting updates there as I progress, or regress. Whichever.