A quick shout out to those in the community who have supported me in various forms, or who have encouraged me one way or another in this grand adventure that I now find myself in:

Dr. Donald Robertson (aka Emperor Marcus Aurelius): I saw Dr. Robertson’s post in my feed for his Patreon account and was inspired to “make the jump” in my own pursuit here.

Wojciech Nagórski: For putting out your answers on StackOverflow to get me in the right direction here.

Community Members

Recognition to the community members in my world that make a difference, at least in my world:

The Legendary Jack Bond: ‘nuff Said.

George Birbilis

Marc Roussel





Charles Roddie

Vincent H.

Toni Petrina

Yoram Bucks

Morten Nielsen





Mark Seemann

Frank A. Krueger

Nicholas Blumhardt

Andrey Akinshin

Adam Sitnik

Matthew Warren

Agent Smith & The Rest of the Dark Matter: For speaking up every now and again.

MSFT Employees

Those within the empire that have my gratitude and appreciation for engaging the common user:

Immo Landwerth

Stephen Toub

Andy Ayers

Rich Lander

Other employees of mention:

Clint Rutkas

David Kean: For having the patience to put up with my whining.